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Brief introduction of school

Shin-Dong Elementary School is located in Hou-Bi township, where is a grand granary of Tainan Country. The campus was the site of the Shin-Gang-Dong Barrack built in 1939 for military training during the period of japanese Occupation.

In geography, our school is situated on the heartland among the school districts of Shin-Dong, Shi-An, and Chu-Shin. Therefore, it is very convenient for students in transportation. until now, our school established for 65 years, not only has been developing a lot of elitists, but also has been thriving varied animals, flowers and plants, and forests of flourishing mahogany and luxuriate banyan, that all of them are the naturally resources of teaching aid. The well growth of the old trees is a concrete evidence to declare that we are diligent to do for student's education is as what we have done for trees.



Adress:No.81, Shi-an Village, Houbi Shiang, Tainan Country 731, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Tel:06-6320902      Fax:06-6350276
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